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Gorgeous, sexy Spaniard Silke Hornillo Klein first came to notice with a bit part in Orquesta Club Virginia (1992). Unfortunate for Americans, Silke has yet to bring her unique talents to the silver screen here. But set your mind to it, her works can be found in the international section of the friendly neighborhood video-rental outlet. It's worth the trouble. Locate a copy of Tierra (1996), and be treated to several tasty looks at Silke's silky skinage, including several savory shots of her damn-near-perfect ass and more-than-ample breasts. Of course, there's always Almejas y mejillones (2000), in which Silke plays the love interest of the always sexy Argentinean babe Leticia Bredice. The two join up for some breast-tastic skinny-dipping and bathtub time sure to clean out your tubes. As if that weren't enough (it never is, now is it?), Silke again showed her propensity for skinitudity in Tuno Negro (2001), including some up-close-and-personal shots of her Castilian cans that will just about make you drool. Silke sure makes us Hornillos!

Top Scenes

To the Other Side (2004) Nude, bush 01:14:00 Silke is all manner of early morning sexy as she rises from the sack in a pokie-riffic wife-beater and crack-riding panties. She then bares sweet tiangular pubic patch as she lights a smoke and squats atop a toilet for the first squirt of the day. (1 min 17 secs)
Almejas y mejillones (2000) Nude, breasts 00:18:00 Quick look at Silke's pierced peaches as she emerges from a boat cabin. (16 secs)
Almejas y mejillones (2000) Nude, breasts, lesbian 00:48:00 Tits in the tub with Leticia Brédice. Awesome! Now if we can only get that transvestite to leave. (49 secs)
Tierra (1996) Nude, breasts 00:52:00 Silke looks oh-so-silky indeed as she violently cowgirls her fella on a floor. Lookit those floppers fly! (15 secs)
Tierra (1996) Nude, breasts, butt, bush 01:31:00 Silke HORNYllos Klein schtups it up with her guy in the sack. Excellent triple B action! (2 mins 8 secs)
Black Serenade (2001) Nude, breasts 00:57:00 It's a little dark, but this long scene gives just the right mood lighting to Silke's silky sweater treats. I have to say, this is the first time I've seen a letter opener used in such a fashion. . . (1 min 30 secs)
Black Serenade (2001) Sexy, underwear Silke is skintastic in this sexy scene! (30 secs)
Black Serenade (2001) Sexy, underwear Silke is skintastic in this sexy scene! (1 min 9 secs)


Iris (2004) - as Iris

To the Other Side (2004) - as Eva

Cámara oscura (2003) - as Sara

Black Serenade (2001) - as Alex

Diario para un cuento (1998) - as Anabel

Tengo una casa (1996) - as Kelly

Tierra (1996) - as Mari

Hola, ¿estás sola? (1995) - as Niña

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