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Shining Through

Shining Through (1992)

Brief Nudity

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Is there any contrarian in all Christendom who will deny that the Nazi Germans were a scourge upon mankind? If the Third Reich’s plans for world domination had come to fruition, rather than being defeated by the Allied sacrifices of World War II, we the surviving descendants would be living in a far more fettered, regimented, and humorless world today. Not an hour should pass without free Americans giving thanks to those brave soldiers and uncompromising statesmen who preserved us from living in the inimical shadow of Hitler’s vision. Also due props is the perky, plucky, and wholesomely prurient Yankee lass of Shining Through (1992). This little lady showed the guts and gumption of a whole battalion of GI Joes, slipping behind enemy lines and infiltrating the Kraut command at its highest levels, impersonating a blonde and accommodating ditz while shipping sensitive military secrets back home to the guardians of democracy. Who can claim there is no God when the woman single-handedly responsible for delivering us from evil also twitches a saliva-inducing behind?