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She Kills (2016)

Brief Nudity

(0:02) Jennie Russo opens her top while sitting in a field, exposing her left breast so she can touch it with a flower. Then another shot reveals the shirt completely open with both breasts exposed.(0:15) Brief right pokey on Jennie Russo as she tries to cover her chest over her nightgown.(0:16) Jennie Russo has her nightgown torn down exposing her breasts.(0:21) Jennie Russo has her gown ripped completely off revealing bush from the side as she lies on the bed.(0:22) Buns on Jennie Russo has the gang takes turn on her. A better view of her merkin bush too.(0:27) Jennie Russo gets out of bed showing bunsbreasts and bush as she goes over to the skeleton of her husband.(0:28) Breasts on Jennie Russo as she looks at herself in the mirror. Then we get a full frontal shot with her bush merkin and a close-up shot of herbuns too.(0:29) Jennie Russo shows her breasts and bush.(0:36) Jennie Russo gets out of bed showing breasts and bush.(0:36) Jennie Russo is lying in bed showing her breasts before covering up.(0:40) BAR GIRLS begin making out on the dance floor of a bar.(0:46) Some inner right boob on Jennie Russo in an open shirt.(0:54) Though fully clothed, Jennie Russo dry humps a guy killing a guy with her fire crotch. Some bouncy inner cleavage.(1:03) A broken bottle in put into the obvious prosthetic merkin bush of Jennie Russo so she can screw a guy with the broken half.(1:10) Another close-up of the prosthetic merkin bush on Jennie Russo as she puts a gun in there.(1:12) Breasts on Jamie Morgan & Danielle Dibiase lying with Dirk.(1:14) Jamie MorganDanielle Dibiase & Stacey Longo showing breasts as they are told to get out of bed. Bush on Jamie Morgan & Danielle Dibiase. Panties on Stacey Longo. Buns on Danielle Dibiase as she runs out. Jamie Morgan is held back though so she can be screwed on the bed.(1:25) Jennie Russo strops out of her red dress. She turns around exposing her breasts. Then it comes all the way off showing her bush merkin and her buns. She then spreads her legs sitting in the bed trying to entice the gang leader to screw her. The guy is eventually eaten by her bush. His head is even seen peering out of it. 


Jennie Russo

Nude - as SadieSexy, breasts, bush, butt

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