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Nude Roles: 10

Birthplace: London, ENG

Date of Birth: 08/01/61

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Close My Eyes (1991) Nude, breasts, bush, butt 00:28:39 Saskia gives new meaning to the term "brotherly love" in this taboo scene, where she shows her sweater sisters and a even a thatch flash. (3 mins)
Cruel Train (1995) Sexy, sexy, underwear 00:51:37 Saskia Reeves rips open her top to reveal her white bra, but sadly that's as far as they get in this sex scene. (31 secs)
Cruel Train (1995) Sexy, sexy 01:02:29 Saskia shows her silk undergarments while taking out some aggression on her suitor in bed by the fireside! (40 secs)
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Saskia Reeves has commanded considerable star power in her native Britain for almost four decades. An actress of great versatility and shameless skinthusiasm, her film credits include chick flicks such as Antonia and Jane (1991), taboo flicks such as Close My Eyes (1991), and lesbian flicks such as Butterfly Kiss (1995), in which she appeared topless in a hot girl-on-girl scene with Amanda Plummer. She bared her first butt shots in the made-for-British-TV movie Children Crossing (1990), and a few years later she re-teated her bare breasts for Cruel Train (1995) and showed off just about everything else in Traps (1994), Close My Eyes, and Antonia and Jane. In 1999 she made her American screen debut as Mrs. Cratchit in the made-for-TV movie A Christmas Carol (1999). Perhaps with the foresight that appearing in a sci-fi production is the best way to get tons of buzz from millions of geeks, Saskia also appeared in the American television mini-series version of Dune in 2000 as Lady Jessica Atreides. Clothed versions of Saskia can be found on British TV mini-series as Chloe Marsh in Plotlands (1997), as Cassie Mahy in Island at War (2004), Sally in One Night (2012), Claire in From There to Here (2014), Johane Williamson in Wolf Hall (2015), Deborah Clifford in Collateral (2018), and Ellis in Belgravia, Connie Petersen in Us, and Helen Laurence in Roadkill, all in 2020. But back to those skintimate moments…This classy dame has one killer all-natural body, so whenever you can catch it in all its naked glory, don't pass up the chance.


Butterfly Kiss (1996) - as Miriam

Nude, breasts, butt, lesbian 00:14:27 Breast & ass beneath her chains climbing into bed with Saskia Reeves. (1 min 44 secs)

Cruel Train (1995) - as Selina Roberts

I.D. (1995) - as Lynda

Nude, breasts Scenes of the super stacked Saskia getting her bra ripped open is intercut with shots of blokes getting riled up. This editor need to get his priorities straight! (1 min 11 secs)

Traps (1994) - as Louise Duffield

Nude, breasts Saskia shows her shakers while trying to seduce some dude on a bed! (2 mins 53 secs)
Nude, breasts, underwear Saskia is ravaged from behind by a dude, baring her beauties a few times during this scene! (1 min 38 secs)

The Bridge (1992) - as Isobel Heatherington

Antonia and Jane (1991) - as Antonia McGill

Nude, breasts 00:50:00 Saskia shows her boobs while laying in bed after sex with some chubby dude, then again as she has him tied up. Then she spanks his ass and wipes jam all over his face! (1 min 15 secs)

Close My Eyes (1991) - as Natalie

Nude, breasts, bush, butt 00:28:39 Saskia gives new meaning to the term "brotherly love" in this taboo scene, where she shows her sweater sisters and a even a thatch flash. (3 mins)
Nude, breasts 00:43:54 Sassy Saskia gets down with some more brotherly love, getting stripped of her bra and freeing her willies in the process. (47 secs)
Nude, breasts, bush, butt 00:44:40 Ms. Reeve lies in bed, her buns sunny-side up, after yet another tryst with--you guessed it--her brother. She then jumps up and throws on her robe for a furry full-frontal flash. (26 secs)
Nude, breasts 00:54:20 Curled up in bed, our heroine's right tweaker winks out from underneath an arm. (17 secs)

In the Border Country (1991) - as Helen

Children Crossing (1990) - as Rosie

TV Shows

Plotlands - as Chloe Marsh

Women in Love (2011) - as Anna Brangwen

Nude, bush Ep. 01x01 | 00:23:15 Saskia pulls up her nightgown to present her man with her bush after he tries feeling her up in bed. (48 secs)
Nude, butt Ep. 01x01 | 01:14:22 Saskia stands nude in front of a guy, her ass facing the camera! (1 min 52 secs)
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