No more complaining about PETA ads from Mr. Skin.

For so many years, their "I'd rather go naked . . . " campaigns have fallen flat, with arms over nipples and text over bushes. But in the past few months, PETA's brought out the heavy artillery with honest-to-God nudity from Christian Serratos, Keeley Hazell's boobs, and Bethenny Frankel.

People must be throwing furs in dumpsters left and right, because the animal rights group is showing no sign of stopping their very successful campaign.

The latest to strip off? Porn star and legit movie actress Sasha Grey!

Sasha wears as little as possible for her profession, so there's no need for her to "rather go naked." This time, the porn queen is encouraging people to spay and neuter their pets. She says:

"I think spaying and neutering is incredibly important. [I]t keeps the animals out of the shelters, and there's too many unwanted animals out there already."

To drive the point home, Sasha shows off her ravishing rump, ensuring that her message will be burned into your brain.

The animals thank you, Sasha. And so do the cats and dogs, haha.

For the NSFW uncensored pic and amazing nude video, click here!

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