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Raël: The Alien Prophet

Raël: The Alien Prophet (2024-)

Brief Nudity


This four-part French docuseries dives into the life and teachings of Claude Vorilhon, the former motorsports journalist and test driver who in 1973 became Raēl, a religious leader who claimed knowledge of advanced beings from another planet, which spurned him to found  the UFO-inspired religion known as the Raëlian Movement. Through interviews with followers, critics, and the man himself, the belief system of this controversial cult is explored, including its claims that humanity was engineered by advanced alien beings who promise of eternal life through human cloning. There’s an opening montage of arrivals footage featuring the alien prophet surrounded by gorgeous women in several states of undress, some of them even full nude. We see some of those naked women again posed in posters and pictures in magazines, including smoke show Sophie De Niverville, who would become one of Raël’s wives. Looks like being an alien prophet has some definite advantages!