Pamela Anderson Has Always Been A Sex Symbol

As long as we’ve known about Pamela Anderson she has been one of the sexiest people on the planet. There is no doubt she is a sex symbol, but I’m starting to wonder if we need to raise her status to icon or possibly even goddess. This latest spread for “Coco de Mer” Lingerie has my head spinning.  

I’m sure there are a few out there who declared Pam Anderson a goddess, an icon, or something else years ago, one can’t really disagree, but I think these photos are really the best argument one can truly make for icon and/or goddess status. Sure, we can each name our favorite Pam Anderson sexy moment (or moments), but these photos… it’s almost hard to come up with ways to talk about them. I’m very, very close to being at a loss for words. I guess you could say I’m about to start using single word sentences. Pam. Anderson. Cleavage. Hot. Me. Like. Yes, I know that would make sound like an idiot, but Pamela Anderson in lingerie does that to me (and hopefully other people as well).  

So, I present the question: Is Pamela Anderson now officially an icon and/or goddess. My vote is yes and I’m not sure how anyone could make a strong argument against that at this point. If you are on the fence, then look at these pictures until your mind is changed.