This week in theaters, we've got some new arthouse Keira Knightley, a hellish elevator freak-fest, and a Ben Affleck-helmed heist flick. Which one has nudity? We've got the skin scoop!

Never Let Me Go
Never Let Me Go opens in select theaters today. The idea of a film about a group of friends growing up together at a pastoral English boarding school doesn't sound as if it would be the stuff of wet dreams, but the ever-gracious skinstress Keira Knightley gives us views of each of her bite-sized boobs at the 51 minute mark, so this is more than worth a second look. Check it out, then peruse Keira's kinky career nudity here. Costar Carey Mulligan stays clothed, but we've got her surprisingly full funbags in When Did You Last See Your Father? (2007) and The Greatest (2009). Nice double Mulligans!

If you've got a craving for a freaky scare-fest, check out the M. Night Shamalayan-written Devil. Claustrophobic people beware: almost the entire movie takes place in a possessed elevator, but you'll be "going up" when you get a load of hot blond costar Bojana Novakovich. The Serbian-born, Australia-raised hottie is a newcomer on our shores, but we have tons and tons of skincredible nudes from her in the Down Under series Satisfaction and The Cooks. Bojana's devilishly delicious.

The Town
Ben Affleck directs the new heist flick, The Town, also starring Mad Men's Jon Hamm and gorgeous Gossip Girl gal Blake Lively. No nudes here, but you can see Blake don ole-timey undies and get a sexy spanking in The Private Lives of Pippa Lee (2009), and costar (and Oscar winner) Rebecca Hall bared her T&A in The Wide Sargasso Sea (2006). Nice sar-ass-o and sea-cups!