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Naked News

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Katie Couric just not doing it for you anymore? Sick of wondering whether or not the weather girl goes full Brazilian? Dying to get a glimpse of the lead anchor's spanker? Sounds like you're in dire need of checking out the wildest news show of all time, Naked News. With so much bad news in the world today--war, famine, economic collapse, the news can be pretty tough to watch. And that's not even addressing when it's just downright boring. But you know what can make anything watchable? Full frontal female nudity! Debuting in 1999 exclusively on the internet, the idea behind the Toronto based nudes-cast was simple: get gorgeous news anchors to read the news while stripping naked. Things got started with just one anchor, Victoria Sinclair, but soon expanded to include scintillating talent like Holly Weston, Roxanne West, Erin Sherwood, Brooke Roberts, Michelle Pantoliano, Athena King and Kelli Graham. But if we had to pick our favorite news girl, we'd have to go with Canada's own Holly Eglington. The voluptuous brunette who once played a stripper on Battlestar Galactica flashed her boobies and beav a bunch of times, with Mr. Skin always looking forward to her naughty newscasts. No body embodied the body lusting of their catchphrase "come for the news, stay for the views" like Holly did! The show eventually ended up on PPV television, was spunoff into a far less successful male version, and made stars of all sorts of its anchors. Unfortunately, because the idea was so brilliant, but super simple to pull off, almost every country ripped off the idea and made their own version. While the show has inspired all sorts of knockoffs, Naked News will always be the OG of flashing knockers while reading about current events. Talk about a news flash!