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Anyone who knows anything about Mr. Skin is aware of his particular fascination with names. Sometimes the most unassuming title will bring the most bang for your wanking buck! Case in point is the blonde babe Naama Nativ Settle. To say the very least she is a multi-talented woman. Naama is proficient in martial arts, golf, surfing, aerobics, tennis, cycling, swimming, gymnastics, rollerblading, speaking Hebrew, singing, dancing, and talking with a Russian accent. That's quite a list of skills...but we forgot to mention her amazing ability to inspire hard-ons with a simple glance! But what most impresses Mr. Skin the most is how hot this Israeli eyeful looks in a bikini, which she demonstrates in the Adam Sandler comedy You Don't Mess with the Zohan (2008). They’re meshuggah, those mams! If you followed up Settle's screen debut with a diligent search for more bate bait, you wouldn't be the first. You also won't be the first to be told that it appears that she is one of those special specimens that has appeared in only one slightly skin-ful flick. That's right...you'll only see her once in all her bikini-ed glory only to vanish like a queef in the wind never to be heard from again. It's almost tragic in a way...but Mr. Skin tends to be an optimistic type. Sure, maybe she has left us with a horrific case of blue balls, but you never know when she'll come back to rectify the situation. The flesh fiends of the world would settle for nothing less from Ms. Settle!