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Merle Wasmuth originally hails from Indonesia which might seem surprising because she's a blonde, blue-eyed, white-skinned European hottie. Her bright eyes are her most stunning figure because they are the most gorgeous shade of blue-green. It's like she's staring at you with two sapphires! She was born in Manado, Indonesia, and then went to Germany with her family where she attended school and grew up. She began her acting career in 2005 in Ghost of Canterville as Nele Brenner. From there she went on to act in The Peppercorns (2014), Tatort (2005), The Hidden Word (2007), The Horror (2018), All My Loving as Tina (2019), Germany. A Winter's Tale (2018), and Cologne P.D. (2008) as several different characters. The mighty Merle is a serious actor who also likes to do theater and performance art. She's so stunning that she can do anything she wants and we'd give her a standing ovation. She had her hottest role yet playing Alexa in an episode of How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast) in 2020. The episode is called "Think Different", but you'll hardly think anything at all when you see her wear a cardigan without a bra underneath. Her perky nipples look like they are going to burst through her sweater. These are mighty pokies! That cardigan looks pretty thick and those nipples look as strong as steel. Wasmuth gives us so much to ogle and we can't wait to see more of Miss Merle.