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A Mr.Skin favorite and one of the most beautiful actresses ever to be filmed. Marie-France Pisier was born during WWII in Vietnam, where her father was a French colonial governor. By age seventeen this French pastry was living in Paris and appearing in experimental films, her first being L'amour à vingt ans (1962). No intellectual lightweight, Marie found time for college in between her '60s films shoots, completing her law and political science degrees at the University of Paris. After appearing in a number of obscure French art films, Marie gained international attention in 1975 for her Cesar award-winning performance in Cousin, Cousine (1975). This also meant a wider audience for her Gallic gallivanting. Hollywood finally caught a full-frontal glimpse of Marie's furry French souffle in The Other Side of Midnight (1977), but before you could say sacre bleu! Marie had disappeared from American screens and was back in European films such as Le Soeurs Brontë (1979), French Postcards (1980) (where she once again bared her baby bon-bons), and Chanel Solitaire (1981). Marie wrote the best-selling novel The Governor's Party in 1990 and went on to direct the film version of the book. She still directs and appears in French films and TV.

Top Scenes

French Postcards (1979) Nude, breasts, underwear 00:17:35 Pisier is sheer bliss-ier when she pops open her bra in the dressing room to show off her mini mams in the mirror. The peeping perv checking her out likes the view. (25 secs)
Miss Right (1982) Nude, breasts 00:07:00 A dude pulls back a curtain to reveal Marie-France standing in a full, ruffled gown . . . with completely bare bazoobas! And then she faints, presumeably from her own hotness. (19 secs)
The Other Side of Midnight (1977) Nude, breasts 01:11:00 Pisier's all chipper and recovered from her earlier trauma, shimmying around a room, showing her teeny-nipped tater tots while getting dressed and chatting up her gentleman friend. (46 secs)
Les Nanas (1985) Nude, breasts, bush 01:00:00 She changes clothes, and upon first glance you may think, "Hey! She ain't nekkid!" but you're wrong, buddy. Look again and thrill to a sliver of butt crackage. (40 secs)
Sérail (1976) Nude, breasts, bush 00:27:00 She soaks her mini mammulars in a tiny tub, then stands up for a fully frontal ovation at the end. Marie-France gots no pants! (37 secs)
Les Nanas (1985) Nude, breasts 01:03:00 Oh, the tales that tanning bed could tell. A titacularly topless Marie-France helps her pal Clementine into the tanning bed, then stands and gives us all a nice clear view of her croissants. Oh, the tales that tanning bed could tell . . . (14 secs)
The Other Side of Midnight (1977) Nude, breasts 00:50:00 Marie-France's french rolls in the tub = very sexy! Giving herself an abortion in the same scene = not so sexy, no. (55 secs)
The Other Side of Midnight (1977) Nude, breasts, butt, bush 01:17:00 Wow! This little firecracker shows every last drop of her flawless form while sexing up some thick-pelted fella in front of a raging fire, intermittently taking time out to fuss with her hair. Talk about high-maintenance! (2 mins 19 secs)


Les Nanas (1985) - as Christine

Miss Right (1982) - as BeBe

Chanel Solitaire (1981) - as Gabrielle 'Coco' Chanel

The Hot Touch (1981) - as Dr. Simpson

French Postcards (1979) - as Madame Tessier

The Other Side of Midnight (1977) - as Noelle Page

Le corps de mon ennemi (1976) - as Gilberte Liégeard

Sérail (1976) - as Agathe

Trans-Europ-Express (1966) - as Eva / Herself

TV Shows

Les gens de Mogador - as Ludivine

Scruples - as Valentine O'Neill

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