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Lilly Tiger is the kind of actress who must select her projects based on how awesome the titles are—or who’s starring in the film with her. With the exception of one, every flick this brunette flower has appeared in has been with Erin Brown, aka Misty Mundae, aka the scream queen of adult horror and sci-fi films. As for the Tiger herself, who also goes by Amanda Applecore, Michi, and Amanda Star, she’s no stranger to sharing her goods on the screen either, especially in shared special scenes with Misty. In the video The Vibrating Maid(2000), luscious Lilly plays a maid who has to teach her rich boss (Misty) all about carnal pleasure. In one sensational sapphic scene, our plush starlet wears a French maid’s outfit as she feathers her co-star’s mound with a vibrator. Breasts exposed, they’re definitely more than a handful, as Lilly proves by grabbing them with her free hand more than once. There’s even a glimpse of her lady garden, trimmed up and framed by thigh-high stockings. The perfectly padded performer also had parts (all with Misty!) as a Party Girl in I Was a Teenage Strangler (2008); as Shapiro in 2018’s The Infamous Bondage Murders and its sequel, Infamous Bondage Murders 2 (Misty wasn’t in #2, but did star in #1); as Claudia in Going Under (1998), as a peeper in Vampire Strangler (1999); in Duck! The Carbine High Massacre (1999) as Play Girl; in I, Asphyxia: The Electric Cord Strangler III (2000) as an unfortunate victim of said strangler; as a horny seamstress in Gladiator Eroticus: The Lesbian Warriors (2001); and last, but certainly not least, as Una in Bikini Girls on Dinosaur Planet (2005), a story about how lesbianism was invented by the cave girls. See? Awesome titles, the lot of them!