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Bikini Girls on Dinosaur Planet

Bikini Girls on Dinosaur Planet (2005)

Great Nudity!

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Bikini Girls on Dinosaur Planet (2005) clocks in at just under an hour, but oh, what an hour it is! Director William Hellfire wisely trims away all the extraneous, non-sextraneous fat that normally clutters up movies to make ample room for what Misty Mundae and all her bosom buddies do best! The plot to this one is unsurprisingly simple. A couple of alien beauties travel back in time to Dinosaur Planet, a place that apparently boasts as many breasts as it does beasts. But they're not interested in the T-Rex, they're interested in the lesbian sex. Yes, the extraterrestrials want to see all the ultra-horny cavewomen who can't stop boning, sometimes even by using dino bones as dildos. Nothing like going topless and creaming all over a dead triceratops! The best act of homo that had us most erectus was the lesbian scene between Ruby Larocca and Zoe Moonshine. The two are fully nude and exploring each other's bodies. But this isn't Skinemax; we get some very clear looks at these cave women's lady parts, with both ladies rocking period correct bushes. On closer inspection, Ruby's rocking a steel piercing on her lady parts, but humans never lived alongside dinosaurs in the first place, so we'll let it pass. After all, seeing all that Sapphic during the Jurassic had us Larocc-hard! But the whole flick is a vehicle for Misty Mundae, for whom every day is apparently hump day. The gorgeous, thin beauty with a surprisingly rump dumper gets naked, spread her legs and rides a ravishing redhead's face. After a tough day of hunting dinos, that must have been the equivalent of the prehistoric gyno. We're not complaining. The might not have discovered fire yet, but the ladies in Bikini Girls on Dinosaur Planet are hot as Hell!