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Your computer isn't going to have enough memory to save all the load-busting downloads you'll be making after seeing the luscious Leandra Ramm. In one of the most bizarre backstories you'll ever hear, Leandra's dad was infertile so her mom went to Roosevelt Island, New York's "Repository for Germinal Choice" better known as "The Genius Sperm Bank" where men with extremely high IQs donate their smartypants sauce in an attempt to better the human race. She got knocked up, Leandra got pushed out, and soon a mental titan was born. But who could know she'd have such great tits? Dubbed a child genius, Leandra made her onscreen debut in a 60 Minutes segment about her conception in 2000. While she has mainly been studying opera and classical music, Leandra has done some acting both in stage musicals and on-screen. Outside of the short Andy's Night (2015), Leandra showed up in and showed off her delicious double D’s in Land of Smiles (2017). This film tells the story of an American tourist in Thailand who searches for her best friend who was kidnapped there. Little does she know, she becomes a target to the same people. We are all smiles after watching Miss Ramm getting rammed by a beau in bed. She is going for a wild ride and letting her mamma jammas slam around during this sex sesh. That's one horny Ramm. Mr. Skin would love to start a bank where we breed busty women who are as smart as they are sexy. Watch Leandra's cowgirl ride and we bet you'll be donating your little swimmers to the nearest tissue.