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La certosa di Parma

La certosa di Parma (2012)

No Nudity
  • Genres: Drama
  • Directed by: Cinzia Torrini
  • Rated: NR
  • Theatrical Release: 03/04/2012
  • Country: France, Italy
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La Certosa di Parma (2012) is an Italian and French mini-series directed by Cinzia Th. Torrini. A scandalous adaption of the 1839 novel written by Stendahl, it tells the tale of Fabrizio del Dongo, a young man living on Lake Como, Italy, during the Restoration. Eventually swept into the tense political atmosphere of Europe, Fabrizio joins Napoleon's forces and fights in the Battle of Waterloo. Bandaged and bruised, he returns to Italy after the battle only to be sent to Naples by his family, where he is meant to attend seminary school. What begins as a trip intended for theology, however, quickly take a turn for a series of torrid affairs with several beautiful women. Fabrizio, it would seem, discovered a whole new religion. Luckily, this gives us a glimpse into these affairs—and the gorgeous girls participating in them. Take Marie-Josée Croze, who bares her butt and breasts several times when she strips down for bed or rides her man. And then there's Valentina Reggio, who rolls around in the sheets sans-shirt as well. Delphine Serina taunts us with a small peak of her goods, too, and Alessandra reveals her rack for all to see. (Is it just us, or is every woman named Alessandra absolutely beautiful?)