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Years of modeling and TV appearances taught Kristanna Loken the importance of staying in shape—but she was in for the workout of her life with her breakout role in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (2003). The blonde, B-cupped beauty spent countless hours getting sweaty in the gym, gearing up for her motherboard-mangling nude scene in T3. The Norwegian-bred babe managed to pack fifteen pounds of toned, tanned muscle onto her droolworthy five-foot-eleven-inch frame and showed every inch in a "birthing" scene that will have you saying "Hasta la vista" to your pants. Off-camera, Kristanna came out as a pulsatingly proud bisexual when she publicly sucked face with pop star Pink and engaged in a lesbian relationship with tough girl Michelle Rodriguez. Although she has since married a man, smokin' Ms. Loken's graphic Sapphism on season four of Showtime's The L Word will forever stand (erect) as a girl-girl cream-dream come true for the ages.

Body of Deceit (2015) Nude, breasts 00:18:24 Kristanna showers, giving us plenty of looks at her breasts, before she has a freakout! (50 secs)
Body of Deceit (2015) Nude, breasts, lesbian 00:38:05 Kristanna sits in a tub with her breasts above the water as Sarai gives her a nice, sensual bath! (2 mins 31 secs)
Body of Deceit (2015) Nude, butt, lesbian, breasts, underwear 00:44:44 Sarai and Kristanna get busy on a couch in a steamy sapphic encounter, with both babes baring breasts! (1 min 56 secs)
Body of Deceit (2015) Nude, breasts 00:47:01 Kristanna's breasts are visible as she and Sarai sleep next to one another and swap places on the bed! (30 secs)
Body of Deceit (2015) Nude, breasts, lesbian 00:54:46 Kristanna is in the shower, her breasts visible, when a topless Sarai joins her and they make out! (1 min 6 secs)
Body of Deceit (2015) Nude, lesbian, breasts 01:01:33 Sarai and Kristanna make out in a kitchen and Sarai feels and briefly exposes Kristanna's right breast! (57 secs)
Lime Salted Love (2006) Nude, breasts, thong 00:54:01 It's lime-salted LUST when kinky Kristanna bares rack in bed with a dude... AND a chick! (38 secs)
BloodRayne (2005) Nude, breasts 00:53:00 BoobRayne! Kristanna's left casaba graciously makes a special appearance when she and her guy go at it against the prison cell bars. (1 min 3 secs)
Dark Kingdom: The Dragon King (2004) Nude, breasts 00:19:00 Quoth the raven: "nipple peek!" Under the solemn eye of the watching bird, Loken and her fella engage in some outdoor sinning. Although they're writhing about in the buff, all you can see is quick right then left nip. (54 secs)
The L Word (2004-2009) Nude, breasts, butt Ep. 04x07 It's a groping, groaning grind-a-thon on the table with Katherine Moennig. Kristanna's the blonde graciously baring boobs and crackage. (58 secs)
The L Word (2004-2009) Nude, breasts Ep. 04x08 Blonde Kristanna shows off her natural knockerage getting steamy and seamy in a car with Katherine Moennig. (37 secs)
The L Word (2004-2009) Nude, breasts, butt Ep. 04x12 Blonde Kristanna serves up rack of mam and some succulent butt during a long, long, looonnnnnng clam-slamming session with dark-haired Katherine Moennig. Magnificent. (2 mins 15 secs)
Terminator 3 (2003) Nude, butt 00:06:24 AWESOME ASS as Kristanna climbs out of a store window and walks down the street naked. Lethally hot. (53 secs)
Terminator 3 (2003) Nude, breasts, butt 00:06:24 Kristanna brings the T&A as she explores the streets in the buff. (1 min 5 secs)
Painkiller Jane (2007) Nude, breasts You'll be Loken at Kristanna's side boobage as she's getting checked at the doctors. (22 secs)

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As the World Turns - as Danielle Andropoulos #3

Boy Meets World (1993-2000) - as Jennifer Bassett

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