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Kelli Williams

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Keywords: Brief Nudity, White, Brunette Hair, Medium Breasts, Real Breasts, Average Body

Nude Roles: 1

Birthplace: Los Angeles, California, US

Date of Birth: 06/08/70

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When your daddy is a super Beverly Hills plastic surgeon and Mommy is a super TV star Shannon Wilcox of Dallas, and you're a pert-bottomed, plump-lipped nymph with poise and a practiced pout, two things can be assumed about your future. One, you will always look as good as is medically possible and, as in the case of Kelli Williams, a career in some aspect of showbiz is there for you if you really, really want it and work for it really, really hard. Twice as hard as an outsider who doesn't have to prove she's not just being given a job on the merits of being Mommy's little performing prodigy. A dirty blonde so shady as to verge on brunette, sultry and prepossessed Kelli perfected her winning smile while shooting TV commercials as a baby. She went to high school with the likes of Tori Spelling and Monica Lewinsky and has been popping up in films and TV since the dawn of the 1990s. Her most lasting impressions so far have been made as snarly, darling lawyer Lindsay Dole on the legal-beagle drama series The Practice. Our first hints of her visual feast of a body were in the 1993 film There Goes My Baby. Here we get only a taste of what Kelli is cooking, but seeing her in her skivvies is enough to make any man rise to the occasion. We get another sexy scene in Ties That Bind (2015) where Kelly teases us with her natural assets without showing us the goods. Here's to hoping next time she will go all the way!