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Katarina Vasilissa, whose real name is Katarzyna Kozaczk, left her native Poland for the warmer climes and more liberal attitudes of Italy shortly after making her Skinematic debut in 1992’s Enak. Luckily for The World, she was picked up by none other than the indomitable Tinto Brass upon arrival in The Boot and has since spent the better part of her career leaving little to the imagination vis a vis some outstanding nudity and semi-pornographic work.To see exactly what we’re talking about, here, seek out her first Italian feature, Brass’ 1993 sex-fest L’Uomo che guarda. Not only does Katarina get down and dirty in the flick with just about everyone she comes across, she also manages to pull out the pink canoe for a nice close-up gyno shot near the end of the film. (It’s almost as hot as when she paddles the little sucker at the beginning of the flick!) Suffice to say, it’s hard to avoid gratuitous nudity and scandalous sex when you see this lusty lady on a video box. Just be sure to get her un-cut, un-rated flicks and not the stuff the censors want you to see…

Top Scenes

The Voyeur (1994) Nude, bush, real sex, underwear 00:13:30 In a restaurant, Katarina hikes her skirt up and rubs her clit in glorious detail while a dude watches! (44 secs)
The Voyeur (1994) Nude, breasts, butt, bush, real sex, underwear 00:03:28 Full nudity, including backburger, from Katarina as she climbs on a dude's dick and inserts it! (4 mins 10 secs)
The Voyeur (1994) Nude, breasts, butt, bush 01:22:00 She slowly strips in front of a mirror again, peeling off to reveal the riblets, the rump, and the fluffy, luxurious bush. THEN she steps aside and grabs a . . . . . . mandolin??? (1 min 49 secs)
The Voyeur (1994) Nude, breasts, butt, bush 00:52:00 She sloooowly and sensuously strips down for a guy in his fantasy. Perfection = her boobs, buns, and bush. Awe-inspiring stuff. (48 secs)
Il delitto di via Monte Parioli (1998) Nude, breasts, butt, bush 00:34:00 She and Captain Ponytail get horizontal in the sack. Katarina shows off those boobs, those buns, and even her Kat! (2 mins 23 secs)
Il delitto di via Monte Parioli (1998) Nude, breasts 00:20:00 Kat and her man have sex, and the only thing that overshadows her man's ridiculous ponytail is her pert, nubile breasts. (1 min 27 secs)
Il delitto di via Monte Parioli (1998) Nude, breasts 01:06:00 It's a triple header, with Vasilissa making with her mouthwateringly mamtacular breasts in bed. (50 secs)


The Voyeur (1994) - as Silvia

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