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I am Femen (2014)

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Je suis Femen (2014), or I am Femen, is a Swiss documentary about FEMEN, an organization formed by feminists from across the pond. They use their nude boobs to get their point (or should we say points?) across. The foreign pic shares a lot with the American flick Free the Nipple (2014) — emphasis on flick! Only this one is pure documentary and not a fictionalized version of the events like the other movie. Thanks to filmmaker Alain Margot, we meet FEMEN leader Oxana Shachko (also known as Oksana Shachko) who guides her fearless troops (sans shirts) into Kiev and other major cities throughout Eastern Europe, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, and other countries to raise awareness about the corrupt and patriarchal decisions being made all across the continent. Luckily, these political women are as beautiful as they are brave. If that’s not cool enough, we get to see the hotties’ skin! In fact, Ms. Shachko shows her chest 18 minutes into the movie! The Ukrainian artist and activist also reveals her rack at the 24:10-, 35:30-, 38:30-, 55:30-minute marks. Later, she even goes full frontal for the cause. Talk about a provocative protester! Not to be upstaged, topless babe Inna Shevchenko can also be seen flashing her flesh in the same scenes. No wonder, we’d love to get in Inna! That goes double for Ukrainian eyeful Alexandra ‘Sasha’ Schevchenko who touts her perfect pair. Needless to say, whenever Mr. Skin watches I am Femen, he wants to retitle it I am Feelin’ Horny!