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Heist (2015)

Brief Nudity

Starring Robert DeNiro and Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Heist (2015) is a heist movie with some feist. Explosive performances from DeNiro and Morgan bring the well-honed dialog to life, and a revealing performance from Summer Altice will bring your mojo to life. When Jeffery Dean Morgan needs $300,000 for his estranged daughter’s operation, he asks his ruthless casino owner boss, known as The Pope (Robert DeNiro). When the request for a loan is denied, Morgan resolves to rob the casino, in a convoluted heist that will include escaping by way of city bus. In some ways reminiscent of Speed (1994), the plot is somehow more ludicrous, luckily Summer Altice will be in and out to distract us, and make us daydream about an in and out with her. Within the first ten minutes Summer is seen wearing a sexy feather costume, and this dirty birdy moves her flirty body just right. You’ll be wanting to introduce this chicken to your cock. You’ll feel the summer lovin’ when you see Summer Altice laying in bed nude with DeNiro. Her beautiful backside looks like a good place for a summer-time barbeque. A wider shot shows off her side buns, where we’d love to place a roasted wienie. 


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