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Guns for Hire (2015)

Brief Nudity

Guns for Hire (2015), one of Jeffrey Dean Morgan's more obscure movies, is a Sapphic story about a hit woman named Beatle (Michele Hicks). Frank enough about her career to have an assassin infomercial and always in the company of a stripper/hooker (Sarah Shahi) or her psychiatrist, she's up for nearly any job—including a strange blonde named Athena's suicide mission. When said blonde (Ever Carradine) says that she'll make Beatle the beneficiary on her life insurance policy, she moves in with her with the paperwork processes, sparking a strange love affair that means tons of lesbian makeouts. Little do they know that someone from Athena's past is targeting both of them and a detective is hot on their trail. We're not exactly sure what we're rooting for—do we want Athena to die and Beatle to live? Do we want both of them to live? Neither of them? It's a tough call, but at least we get to see all three ladies in their underwear during a large chunk of this film. Get ready to cock your pistol!


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