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Fall (1997)

Brief Nudity
  • Genres: Drama, Romance
  • Directed by: Eric Schaeffer
  • Rated: R
  • Home Release: 01/25/2005
  • Theatrical Release: 06/20/1997
  • Country: USA
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Improbable love breeds the most complicated, compelling of lusts. In director/writer/star Eric Schaeffer’s Fall (1997), a pampered supermodel and a gruffly poetical taxi-driving idealist engage in a loin-locking compulsion that never should have been. Their passion, a flammable mix of resentment and worship, will either unite the culture-crossed romantics in a bond that stands apart from and condemns the superficial society from which they seek refuge, or these torrid trysts will devolve into a series of mutually self-destructive exercises in inappropriate sexual gamesmanship. Either way, everybody gets off.


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