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Everything I Like (2021)

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Everything I Like (2021) follows the editor of a production company named Daniel - played by Milton Roses - who gets a new cameraman on his crew named Javier. At this, this is purely a business relationship. They are co-workers. If anything, Daniel is technically above Javier and is kind of his boss. Things shift in this dynamic when Daniel starts to catch feelings for Javier. Doesn't that always happen in these kinds of movies? These two guys become friends and Daniel's own circle of pals encourages him to come out of the closet and chase after this new guy that he likes, but he is not yet sure if he is ready to be an open bisexual. He tries to dip his toes into that world by first attempting some online dating, but that can be a very uncomfortable process (as anyone who has tried it knows). He has a lot of laughs and disappointments online while trying to meet potential mates, but every time he goes to work he is floored by Javier. So he does all of this to ready himself to tell Javier how he feels and to hopefully get together with the guy he really likes. Now that's all great, but we are here for the nude women! Maria Bernardini is in her black lace bra when she is talking to Daniel and Carolina Caballero is in her bra and thong when she is hanging out with Javier. Um, ladies? We think you're both barking up the wrong tree here.