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There’s a lot of interesting trivia regarding the career of Mr. George Clooney (remember when he was added to The Facts of Life cast?), but here’s a nugget you may not have known about the guy: he’s appeared in two separate TV shows entitled E/R! Yep, long before he made a generation of women swoon contentedly as Dr. Doug Ross on Michael Crichton’s mega-popular drama series, Clooney could be found in an entirely enjoyable sitcom of the same name. Clooney played second banana to the always-humorous Elliott Gould, but the main selling point of the show simply had to be the impressive roster of foxy physicians and nubile nurses! Welcome Back Kotter’s Marcia Strassman was replaced after the pilot episode by marvelous Mary McDonnell, while the background was capably populated by gals like Corinne Bohrer, Conchata Ferrell, and Lynne Moody. Heck, if my local Emergency Room looked like that, I’d be sticking my fingers in a blender three times a year!