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Dummy (2020)

No Nudity

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Dummy (2020) is a comedy starring the always adorable Anna Kendrick as an aspiring writer who finds out that her older, more successful TV writer boyfriend has a sex doll. It's a really beautiful sex doll that kind of has hair like Anna's, but we digress. Anna's discovery takes a turn when she thinks the sex doll is talking to her. Her therapist convinces her that the doll's "voice" is a part of her she needs to come to terms with, so she does this by taking the doll on an epic trip with her to travel the world and discover what it means to be a doll - er I mean woman - in the world. You had us at Anna Kendrick and a sex doll. The implications there are endless! Anna plays Cody Heller, the writer, and she takes us for a ride when she wears a baggy T-shirt dress and black stockings. She sexily takes off her black stockings to reveal shapely calves on her skinny legs. The T-shirt dress stays on, however, but her stocking-less look implies that there nothing is on underneath. She flirts with her boyfriend and ends up getting on top of him for a makeout that cuts away before any sex can happen. We're no dummies - we know there's something sexy going on under her shirt. Maybe a bra? Maybe underwear? We luckily see her undies later on. Ann Kendrick uses the can, so we get to see her pull down her white underwear as she sits on the toilet in that same big T-shirt. The shirt still covers her upper body and her crotch and buns, but we do get to see her silky thighs.