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A petite powerhouse of neon-hot sex appeal who perfectly matched the look and feel of the go-go '80s, Diane Franklin specialized in horny high-school comedies and modeled her marvelous mug in commercials for Coke, Trident, and Jell-O. Diane's exotic look--all ink-black curls and milk-white skin--made her a natural to play a foxy French exchange student in Better Off Dead (1985), as well as the most righteous Princess Joanna in Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure (1989). The bushy-headed beauty's most hair-raising performances, however, focused on her fluffy fro down below. As an inhuman heartbreaker in the immortal teen-sex tragedy The Last American Virgin (1982) and the Mother of All Humanity in the off-the-wall Adam and Eve revamp Second Time Lucky (1984), Diane proved that her crotch carpet matched her up-top coif, ringlet for ringlet. Naturally, Di put her delicious mini-milkers to potent use in both movies. Her perfect, pink-nosed pair also made a hauntingly hot appearance in Amityville II: The Possession (1982). In that taboo-laden spooker, Diane continued her oddball-character streak as one hot brotherfucker. At Skin Central, we insist that the time is ripe for Diane's clothes-free comeback, because, Franklin, we give a damn!

Second Time Lucky (1984) Nude, breasts, butt 00:13:00 Playing Eve in The Garden of Eden, Diane flashes her sweet booblets and buns as she walks past nerdy Adam and a cop. Don't ask. Just watch. (23 secs)
Second Time Lucky (1984) Nude, breasts, butt 00:15:00 Adorable ass and sweet little lung-pillows as Diane frolics in Eden and eats some melon with Adam. (1 min 10 secs)
Second Time Lucky (1984) Nude, breasts, butt, bush 00:18:00 Long shot of Diane walking around stark naked, showing all three B's, followed by a closer look at her tasty tee-tees as she approaches the Devil. (27 secs)
Second Time Lucky (1984) Nude, breasts 00:25:00 Neat little nippies as Diane wakes up nude next to Adam and runs off in the wilderness. (13 secs)
Second Time Lucky (1984) Nude, breasts 00:29:00 Diane offers up the infamous apple while Adam ignores the much more tantalizing chest-apples right in front of him! (54 secs)
Second Time Lucky (1984) Nude, breasts 00:42:00 Now in Roman garb, Diane pulls out out her right honeydew and offers it to Gladiator Adam. (8 secs)
Second Time Lucky (1984) Nude, breasts 01:03:00 In an awesome act of dairylicious defiance, Diane pulls open her dress and shows off her dopplers while facing a firing squad. (33 secs)
Amityville II (1982) Nude, breasts 00:42:00 This all-natural, sweet-faced sweetheart shows off her right riblet sitting up in bed, yakking with her guy. Nothig scary about a rack like that! (1 min 2 secs)
The Last American Virgin (1982) Nude, breasts 01:06:00 Bare, beautiful teenage boobitudity as Dina makes out with a dude and loses her shirt in a room above the bleachers. (1 min 15 secs)
The Last American Virgin (1982) Nude, breasts, bush 01:15:00 Diane bares her budding breastage and the top-most curls of her lap-fro while undressing in a doctor's office. Quick...but nice. (10 secs)

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