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In filling the crucial supporting roles of tortured inmates while casting actresses for a classic concentration-camp flick, budding filmmakers should keep key points in mind. The ideal candidate for a featured prisoner must of course have no objection to being stripped of every last stitch of clothing at the merest provocation. She should be tall so that when she is marched nude past a gauntlet of clothed guards her bare skin is not lost in their sea of khaki. Hair color? Preferably brunette to offset the hue of the blonde villainess. The face must be capable of holding an expression that--though suffused with dread and resignation--retains and highlights the endearing symmetry of vulnerable beauty under duress. In short, commit to memory a clip of statuesque and doomed Maria Marx enduring her naked torments in the all-time abomination Ilsa, She Wolf of the S.S. (1974), and pick the prospect who most closely resembles it.