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Italy is often celebrated more for its food, its historical structures, its tremendous wealth of antiquities and artistic masterworks and its brunettes than it is for redheaded, full-lipped sex bombs, but Dalila Di Lazzaro did everything she could to rectify that oversight. It’s hard to imagine anyone seeing past Dalila. Her eye-stopping qualities begin with her hair, as fine a spin of golden red as can be found in nature. Her plump lips and wide eyes would be at home in any fantasy of the perfectly alluring facial expression. The body is an invitation to gawk, and gawk you will do once you give the merest peek to Andy Warhol’s Flesh for Frankenstein (1974). Displayed fully nude for most of the film, Dalila’s thick, redolent bush is a focus of intense inspection, as it is in Oh Serafina (1976).

Top Scenes

L' Italia s'è rotta (1976) Nude, breasts, butt, bush 01:14:00 Catch a long shot of all Dalila's B's when she and her two paramours skinny dip in the ocean. (50 secs)
Oh Serafina (1976) Nude, bush 01:05:00 Dalila lifts her dress to show off a serious scar, and shows off some serious southern steel wool in the process. (15 secs)
Oh Serafina (1976) Nude, bush 01:13:00 Excuse me, Dalila? You have a gash on your gash. . . . In this borderline Skingoria scene, she rubs blood from her belly to her bush. (13 secs)
Oh Serafina (1976) Nude, breasts, bush 01:25:00 Dalila's dude hits the full frontal jackpot; but puzzlingly, doesn't go any farther than using her shrubbery as a pillow. (1 min 4 secs)
Trois hommes à abattre (1980) Nude, breasts 00:27:00 Brief beach boobage as she sits up, seaside, and straps on her bikini top. (12 secs)
Flesh for Frankenstein (1974) Nude, breasts 00:09:00 Dalila's left tit comes into view when the mad doctor takes her out of her fish tank. Why was she in a fish tank? Don't ask... (1 min 23 secs)
Flesh for Frankenstein (1974) Nude, breasts 01:23:00 One more look at Dalila's delightful rack when some crazy dude licks her scar and pulls off her snatch-patch, revealing her monster muff... (1 min 5 secs)
Your Vice Is a Locked Room and Only I Have the Key (1972) Nude, breasts, butt 00:06:00 Blonde, bare, and boobiful, Dalila shakes her T&A on a table as a crowd of revelers sing and clap and egg her on. (48 secs)


Paganini (1989) - as Helene von Feuerbach

Il gatto (1978) - as Wanda Yukovich

The Pyjama Girl Case (1977) - as Linda

Oh Serafina (1976) - as Serafina

La pupa del gangster (1975) - as NA (as Dalila Di Lazzaro)

The Beast (1974) - as NA

Flesh for Frankenstein (1974) - as Female Monster

Frankenstein 80 (1972) - as Sonia

Your Vice Is a Locked Room and Only I Have the Key (1972) - as Girl who strips on a table

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