What image jiggles into your brain when you think of Spring Break? hopefully, big boobs! Early spring might be chilly in some parts of America, but those of you lucky enough to escape to popular Spring Break destinations such as Miami or Cancun or a Wisconsin Dells indoor heated water park (it gets crazier than you think!) might just be feeling warm and fuzzy all over. If you can't make it to one of these locals, fear not. We're suplimenting your Spring Break with out favorite huge natural celebrity boobs... as GIFs. This way you can enjoy Sydney Sweeney's boobs, Salma Hayek's boobs, and Alexandra Daddario's boobs over and over and over again.

It seems like a natural decision to round up big natural knockers in action, and these are some of our very favorites. In addition to the celebs listed above, we're also bringing you the likes of Jessica Paré, Sophie Rundle, and Eva Amurri. That's right, Spring Break leaves no bra unturned.

Alexandra Daddario Topless Nudes In True Detective

Shocker, we're including this GIF! Boob connoisseurs know that there's something about natural breasts that cannot be beat, and that the most famous big natural boobs of last decade belong to the endlessly beautiful and regal Alexandra Daddario.

Sydney Sweeney Boobs In Euphoria

The boobs to beat this decade belong to Sydney Sweeney. Sydney Sweeney went head to head with Daddario in the titty, I mean witty, HBO Max series The White Lotus, proving that she's one of the few new young celebrities who can hold their own next to Ms. Daddario. On Euphoria, Sydney showed off her huge boobs in a series of scandalous nude pictures, as well as during an awkward high school sex scene.

Jessica Paré Boobs Bouncing In Hot Tub Time Machine

The world fell in love with Jessica Paré's portrayal of Don Draper's young bride on Mad Men. The same year she joined the iconic AMC series, she also starred in the comedy Hot Tub Time Machine. Here Jessica shows off her gloriously perfect and wet boobs during a hot tub sex scene.

Susan Sarandon's Daughter Nude

Eva Amurri - the daughter of Susan Sarandon - didn't help David Duchovny's sex addiction when she flaunted her huge knockers in front of him at a strip club on an episode of Californication.

Diora Baird OG (Original Gozangas) Boobs

Young whipper snappers might not be familiar with the old guard of natural boobage. Anyone who hasn't been introduced to what Diora Baird is packing is missing out.

Kelly Brook Skinny Dipping In Survival Island

Speaking of Original Gozangas, where would we be without Kelly Brook. Elder Millennials will forever be grateful for the deposits she made in their spank banks in the 2000s.

As Promised, Top Ten Biggest Natural Celebrity Boobs As GIFs!