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Cybill Shepherd: Nude and Lesbian

Blonde beauty Cybill Shepherd has been moonlighting in our fantasies for years, and Mr. Skin's got the goods with some of Cybill's most scintillating clips. Long before she was the object of Travis Bickle's obsession, Cybill was showing skin in her screen debut, 1971's The Last Picture Show. First we get her baring her breasts as she prepares to go skinny dipping with a bunch of her friends. Then we get more of Cybill's cymbals and even some of her tushie as she gets mad at Jeff Bridges after having sex with him. Who can blame her for not wanting to look at him naked, but we could use some more time to drink in Cybill's nubile body. Thankfully we get just that in the next clip that features a nice shot of Cybill's set as Bridges unbuttons her blouse. No need to keep things civil with Cybill. Next Cybill explores her sapphic side on Showtime's The L Word, rolling around in the sack with Leisha Hailey. Did you miss the quick flash of nip as Leisha flips her over? Never fear, Skin Vision is here to slow things down for you and ensure you get the most bang for your buck. This is a side of Cybill every guy would love to see more of. Finally there's two clips from 1989's Chances Are that feature Cybill in some virginal white underwear. Cybill's never looked this sexy before and chances are, you'll have to change your underwear after getting a glimpse of Maddie Hayes looking sexier than ever.

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