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Crunch Time (2016)

No Nudity

Rooster Teeth might be an odd name for a streaming site, but it's killing the game as far as original programming goes. Crunch Time, a sci-fi comedy mini-series, takes a intentionally Inception-like plot and makes fun of itself endlessly, all in easily watched 20-minute episodes. Five grad students working in a lab accidentally create a black hole when they create "the brain frame," a lucid dreaming machine of sorts, that they intend to use not for international manipulation as done in Inception, but for profit. The business model is pretty simple: Give people experiences they want. There are many kinks to work out even beyond accidentally ripping a hole in space and time, like when one of them starts having an orgy with scantily clad babes (including Natalie Makenna) - and it turn out that he has no penis at all in the dream. Oops! Luckily you do, and you'll get far more enjoyment about of this hilarious series than he did!     

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Sexy, underwear 00:08:49 Natalie Makenna is skintastic in this sexy scene! (11 secs)


Natalie Makenna

Sexy - as Dream Girl

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