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Like the busty “Cuchi-Cuchi”-squealing protégée of Andres Segovia with whom she shares her first name, Iberian eyeful Charo Castella has one hell of a set of maracas, and she shakes them to great effect. But like many stars of erotic filmmaking, Charo's offscreen life and the choices that led her to the erotic film world are a total mystery. We're not even sure if "Charo" is her real name. At least she's willing to tell all when it comes to her naked form in Belcebú (2005). The title probably means "beelzebub," but you'll have to ask a Spanish-speaking babe to know for sure. This Spanish Faustian horror flick stars heavy metal star Toni Belcebú and a plethora of naked Latina ladies. A "mujer diablo" (that's "devil woman" for those of you who slept through Spanish class) seduces our protagonist and takes him to dark side with the promise of fame and fortune. Of course, the price for all of that rock star success is his soul. The parade of naked babes in this film includes hotties like Cloti Valero, Maki Romero, Alicia Navajas, and, of course, our girl Charo, who gets banged from behind by a long-haired rocker amidst scenes from a sex-and-drug-fueled orgy of excess. If that's hell, then Mr. Skin can't wait to go there! Ms. Castella’s towers will have you wanting to mount a siege on her, but you’ll probably end up polishing your own spear instead. Sadly, that's all we've seen of Charo onscreen, but perhaps she'll come back for more.