Rose Byrne Needs To Be A Household Name

If I stood up in a crowded room and proclaimed that Rose Byrne was super hot, I don’t think anyone would tell me to sit down and shut up. Sure, I might get a few odd looks, but everyone would agree with that statement. So, why isn’t Rose Byrne the lead in every movie?

Well, I guess asking Rose Byrne to be the leading lady in every single movie is probably asking a little bit too much, but I feel like more people should know who she is. Sure, you know who is she and I know who she is, but is she a household name? Does everyone know about the awesome sexiness that is Rose Byrne? I’m not so sure of that one. True, she’s had some big hits—mostly Seth Rogen movies—but I feel like she should be the leading lady in romantic comedies, romantic dramas, romantic period films—basically any film with a love interest who is female, I kind of feel like it should be Rose Byrne.

I don’t know if anyone with any sort of power in Hollywood is looking at this, but if they are I ask you to take a serious look at Rose Byrne and all her sexiness from the latest issue of Harper’s Bazaar Spain. She needs to be everywhere, so if you could make that happen, that would be great.