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Cake (2014)

No Nudity

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Jennifer Aniston got a ton of critical buzz for her role in the film Cake (2014) for not wearing any makeup apart from some practical makeup that makes her face look scarred. Jen plays Claire, a woman who attends a support group for chronic pain sufferers, where she meets Nina (Anna Kendrick). When Nina kills herself, Claire begins a highly dubious relationship with Nina's husband (Sam Worthington) who is completely unaware of Nina and Claire's connection. To top it off, Claire begins to see Nina everywhere she goes and carries on conversations with her about what exactly it is that she's doing. Unfortunately this film is completely devoid of skin, though we do get some nice cleavage and even some pokies from Jen at the 20-minute mark as she floats in a pool wearing a dress! It's awfully hard to resist Cake, but if you're looking for nudity, best to look elsewhere!