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Bunker (2021)

No Nudity

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The Mexican HBO Max Original Series Bunker debuted on the streaming service in late January, 2022 and tells the story of beleaguered family man Vladimiro (Bruno Bichir). Once a hero to his kids and a steady rock for his wife Eleonora (Paulette Hernandez), Vladimiro has now become a burden on his family since losing his job as a plunger salesman, along with his will to do much of anything at all with his life besides spending all of his time in a Soviet era bunker he discovered in his basement. In fact, Vladimiro has been spending virtually every waking moment in the bunker, and he's soon going to discover the perils of ignoring his family when his none-too-bright son Casper (Ricardo Polanco) hatches a plan to extort money from corrupt amusement park tycoon Napoleón Ortega (Miguel Rodarte). When things go tits up in the heist and with nowhere left to turn, Casper and his criminal cohorts end up taking refuge in Vladimiro's bunker, which is inconvenient enough for him without the threat of retribution from Ortega and his friends in the Chechnyan mob. While Mexican comedies are usually a great place to find some knockout nudity, we're sorry to report that this bunker is completely empty in terms of skin! There is a sexy scene where the character Maya (Liz Gallardo) has choke sex with a guy she ends up accidentally killing, along with a shot of co-star Claudette Maillé in her sports bra after having sex with her man in the gym! If you're looking nudity, you'd might as well check another Bunker!