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Britney Really Is A Master Of The Quick Change

From what I understand, Britney Spears has mastered the quick change in her live Las Vegas show. She moves seamlessly from outfit to outfit in the blink of an eye. Well, it seems she also does that in real life when trying on dresses.  

And yes, I know that it’s not really a quick change. I’m sure Britney turned off the phone while she changed from the red dress to the pink dress, but there’s something fun in thinking she strutted down that hallway, showing off her sexy body in that tight red dress, then disappeared behind a screen only to emerge seconds later in that tight pink dress that also shows off her incredible body. In fact, I kind of want to believe that wherever Britney Spears is going, she will actually take both of these dresses and do a quick change in the middle of the event or party or fancy dinner. Heck, I kind of hope she throws in a third dress, maybe a little black number, into the mix.  

Here’s the funny thing in all of this, it doesn’t matter what Britney Spears wears; she’s going to look hot. In either one of these dresses, Britney Spears will be the hottest person in the room. She can’t go wrong no matter what decision she ends up making.