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Blackout - Die Erinnerung ist tödlich

Blackout - Die Erinnerung ist tödlich (2006)

Brief Nudity


Blackout-Die Erinnerung ist tödlich (2006), or Blackout-Memory is Deadly, was a German tv mini-series that is most famous for getting historically low viewership when it originally aired. Originally aired in six parts, the series tells the story of a narc whose wife is killed, and he wakes up in a hospital with no memory of his past life. He begins to retrace his steps for the past several years, and begins to discover secrets about his past that he would prefer to have stayed uncovered.  Thankfully Jule Bowe is on hand to liven up this grim mini-series. In part 2, "Vater und Sohne," Julie gets some backdoor business from her man, and though she doesn't take her slip off, the pounding she gets unleashes her lactoids, giving us a nice look at them. There's also a hint of the very bottom of her butt as she walks around in the skimpy slip after doing the deed. Jule Bowe will give you a huge bone!