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BB (2016)

Brief Nudity

(0:03) Jennifer Mae strips out of her pants on an audition displaying her shaved bush and buns. Then she takes off her top exposing her breasts. Nice long scene.(0:04) Some mild kissing between Jennifer Mae and Victoria Fox in bed.(0:07) Some brief left sideboob on Jennifer Mae taking off her bra in the bathroom.(0:09) Jennifer Mae flashes her panties on her webcam. Without her wig she is in her bra getting another tattoo and wrapped in seran wrap.(0:10) Victoria Fox lying in bed and we see her right breast. Close to bush but its just off screen with her leg arched. Then she is in bed with Jennifer Mae making love. We see her breasts as well as the breasts and buns on Jennifer Mae. Even a quick buns on top of shaved bush shot.(0:14) More kissing between Jennifer Mae and Victoria Fox after receiving a present. Then more lovemaking goes out including buns on Victoria Fox and right breast on Jennifer Mae(0:16) Jennifer Mae lifts up her robe to flash her buns.(0:17) Flashes of breasts on Jennifer Mae as she jumps around in her robe after receiving a great tip.(0:18) Jennifer Mae flashes her shaved bush.(0:19) Jennifer Mae flashes her right breast.(0:21) Bra on Samantha James on a webcam. She then adjusts her breasts in the bra.(0:23) Jennifer Mae on a balcony in her panties.(0:24) Buns on Jennifer Mae shaking them for her webcam.(0:26) Quick shot of breasts and shaved bush on Jennifer Mae.(0:27) Breasts and shaved bush in an open robe on Jennifer Mae.(0:28) Right breast on Jennifer Mae sticking out of her robe as she dances for the webcam.(0:28) Jennifer Mae dancing around her kitchen in her panties.(0:32) Panties on Jennifer Mae as she bends over.(0:33) Right nipple partially visible on Jennifer Mae as she begins doing a tease on her webcam.(0:36) Breasts partially covered by Jennifer Mae's hair doing a webcam. They become visible as does her shaved bush and some buns as she bends over from the front.(0:38) Jennifer Mae is doing a handstand against the wall in her panties. Then some peekdown cleavage as she does push-ups.(0:39) Right breast in the mriror on Jennifer Mae as she brushes her teeth.(0:49) Cleavage on Jennifer Mae in a tanktop sitting on the bed.(0:50) Jennifer Mae is sent a video of her masturbating on the computer. We see her legs spread and her hands down there. Some brief shaved bush.(0:51) Aerial full frontal shot of breasts and shaved bush on Jennifer Mae in the water in the bathtub.(1:08) Shaved bush on the ground on Jennifer Mae in an open robe after being knocked down.(1:11) Breasts on Jennifer Mae in the bathtub.(1:12) Jennifer Mae in her bra again doing her webcam show. 


Victoria Fox

Alina Lupei

Jennifer Mae

Leah Lamont / Candy Cummings

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