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Since Ashley Greene made her incredible nude debut on Rogue, I think we’ve all wondered what she will do next to highlight her incredible boobs. While we wait for her next fantastic topless scene let’s all enjoy a little underboob courtesy of Instagram.  

And this is kind of a special underboob because Ashley Greene isn’t really rocking a tiny bikini or anything. It would seem that one of her breasts simply wants to make an appearance. I guess you could say that even her own boobs are ready for their next nude scene. Let’s all just take a moment and think about how great it would be to see Ashley Greene’s boobs again. Sure, we can watch that clip from Rogue again, but how terrific would it be to see them somewhere new. Maybe in a new television show or a magazine or larger than life on the big screen. If you ask me I can’t think of anything better than Ashley Greene going topless again. Seriously, don’t tell me anything, all I want to do is think about Ashley Greene topless, don’t distract me. Just be quiet and looking at her underboob.  

I have little doubt Ashley Greene will once again make the world stop and look at her glorious breasts soon. After all, one is coming out to say hello in a bikini.