Mamma Mia, Here We Go Again

While Megan Fox is going to great lengths to tell the world that they are never, ever, ever, going to see her naked under any circumstances whatsoever, her Jennifer’s Body co-star Amanda Seyfried is quietly giving the world some very glad tidings.

In her next film, Chloe, Amanda will be disclosing an undisclosed amount of skin, which will be 100% more nudity than we’ve ever seen from Megan Fox.

It won’t be the first time we’ve seen Amanda Seyfried nude. She had a very brief full-frontal flash jumping into a pool in the 2006 drama Alpha Dog.

But her upcoming scene sounds a little more revealing.

“I’m playing a prostitute in my next movie,” explains Seyfried. “Everybody gets to see mywell, I’m sure full-on nudity couldn’t ruin a career, but it is a bold move.”

Hell no, full-on nudity couldn’t ruin a career, but a perverse and petulant skinginess could.

Another reason to expect good things from Chloe is the impressive track record of director Atom Egoyan.

He directed Mia Kirshner in her second nude scene in Exotica and got Alison Lohman to go topless in an impressive lesbian scene with Kristin Adams in Where the Truth Lies.

Here’s hoping that he gets Amanda to go full frontal and makes Megan Fox eat her words.