Let Alexandra Daddario's Bikini Bod Do All The Talking

Only one girl can walk away as the most whack-worthy of them all, and the 2017 title goes to none other than Alexandra Daddario! Congratulations to 2017 Whack-it Bracket winnerAlexandra Daddario!Now let's celebrate with some of Alexandra's most recent sexy pics:

There isn’t much to say when it comes to Alexandra Daddario in a bikini or in a sexy one-piece swimsuit or wearing pretty much any other outfit. You can use as many fancy words as you want, but it won’t really come close to accurately describing Alexandra Daddario in a bikini. You kind of have to let your eyes do all the work.

I don’t think it’s out of turn to say that Alexandra Daddario was made to wear a bikini (and of coursenothing at all). I know we all toss around the phrase “bikini body” when talking about this person or that person, but really we should be using that phrase for just a handful of people. And without a doubt Alexandra Daddario is one of those few people. Well, I guess we can also say “DAAAAAAAMMMMMMNNNNNNNNNNN” about Alexandra Daddario in a bikini. After all, she’s got some of the best boobs in the world so that means she has some of the best bikini cleavage in the world.

Well, I believe I’ve gone on far too long talking about Alexandra Daddario and her incredible bikini body. Sure, I could probably ramble on a little more, but really I want to do is stare at Alexandra Daddario in a bikini and I know I’m not the only one.