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Abschnitt 40

Abschnitt 40 (2001-2005)

No Nudity


Abschnitt 40 was a German TV crime series that focused more on the police officers rather than the crimes. The character driven show paid more attention to the police officers’ reactions and didn’t worry so much about the resolution of a case. The show worked on a very specific structure, in that each episode wouldn’t show more than a day’s worth of action, but the following episodes would continue on in an overall story arc. Chief Inspector George Burrows is at the forefront of the squad, but the episodes’ specific narratives focus on the cast of other officers.

Katharina Schüttler is sleeping in a bedroom scene, and a little bit of her right cheek pops up above the blankets. And Josephine Preuss is sitting with a boy, occasionally kissing, and rocking some hardcore cleavage from her green top. These are the characters I want to focus on!