Alyssa Arce Shows And Hides A Lot Of Nip

They say that a smile is contagious. No matter your mood, if you lock eyes with someone smiling, you can't help yourself; You just have to smile back. Personally I don't think this is true. I see people smiling all the time at me and it has no effect. Really the only thing that can truly cause a smile no matter the person's mood is a topless Alyssa Arce.

While Instagram's terms and conditions often leave you with a frown on your face, a topless Alyssa Arce will still turn that frown upside down. And props to Alyssa Arce for not going the emoji over the nipple route that many people take to avoid the wrath of Instagram. She did some wavy lines (that look like frosting, in my humble opinion) that manage to cover up her nipple and yet still show off quite a bit of nip. Not only is it impressive because it's Alyssa Arce topless. It's impressive because of the amount it shows and doesn't show. Yes, I'm feeling like I'm on top of the world right now and that all has to do with Alyssa Arce and her awesome boobs. Granted I wasn't feeling down before, but I do feel so much better now.

Alyssa Arce smiling would probably also make me smile, but Alyssa Arce topless while smiling is no doubt the easiest way to get me or anyone else to smile. Maybe we should think about replacing "say cheese" with "Alyssa Arce topless" to get people to smile for pictures.