She Could Earn A Black Belt In Sexy

One of the coolest things about Martial Arts—other than breaking stuff with your feet—are those sweet uniforms you get to wear. Not so much the robe-style and/or pajama outfits, but the belts you get to receive when you reach certain levels. I kind of feel like we should do that with bikinis and levels of hotness because Zoe Kravitz would totally be a black belt.  

Well, I guess I should say that Zoe Kravitz would be a black bikini, if we are doing levels and such. Zoe Kravitz has always stunned in a black bikini. In fact, I think I’ve only ever seen her in black bikinis. Maybe there already is some kind of hotness bikini club, which gives out colored bikinis when you reach different levels of sexiness. Would it really surprise anyone to learn that Zoe Kravitz is at peak sexiness? I wouldn’t be all that shocked, but at the same time I hope that there is more Zoe Kravitz sexiness to come. You know, maybe it’s the case where once you reach black bikini sexiness, the hotter you become the smaller your black bikini becomes. That would be pretty awesome.  

Of course I’m not saying that I totally wouldn’t enjoy seeing Zoe Kravitz in a different color bikini, it’s just she’s mastered the art of wearing a black bikini. We should all bow to our sensei of sexiness.

Photos via Splash News