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Do we see Sydney Sweeney nude in Anyone But You? Who is the naked Australian woman in Anyone But You? What's going on with the Anyone But You 'Valentine's Edition' rerelease? You have questions, and we have answers. Anyone But You ended up doing serious damage at the box office thanks to excellent word of mouth, becoming the rare modern-day sleeper hit. Everyone and their MILF is going out to see this romantic comedy - including, undoubtedly, people enticed by the movie's R-rating for "brief graphic nudity."

The viral trailer for Anyone But You included a naked shot of Sweeney's costar Glen Powell, but Sweeney remained clothed - although blessedly the woman has trouble properly sizing her bras. The trailer didn't lie. Bust out as she may throughout Anyone But You, there isn't actually a ton of skin from Sweeney. At least not in the version of the movie that first hit theaters.

Anyone But You 'Valentine's Edition' Rerelease Nudity

This brings us to the huge recent development for Anyone But You stans. According to Cinemablend, four minutes are being added to Anyone But You for a theatrical rerelease just in time for Valentine's Day. Redditors are feverishly speculating that nudity and sex will make up the majority of those four minutes. But how much of that is just wishful thinking?

Here's where things get Skinteresting. Our nudity scout reported seeing decent to great nudity in an early screening of Anyone But You. While much of that content was cut from the original version of Anyone But You, its existence lets us know that these four minutes could be very... revealing.

Sydney Sweeney Shower Scene In Anyone But You

Until we get this storied and enigmatic rerelease, let's relive the breast of what we've gotten so far. The best of Sydney Sweeney in Anyone But You can be found in the movie's iconic shower scene. Her huge bare breasts are pressed against Glen Powell's chest, and careful observers might glimpse a nip slip. After all, Sweeney is no stranger to nip slips. In another scene she also shows tons of side ass while in bed with Glen Powell. Here's what Sweeney had to say in an interview about her "awkward" sex with Powell:

There's always an awkward moment, but I don't know if it's because you're so close to someone other than the 40 crew members that are watching you film this—that's the awkward part. If anything, I feel more safe with someone who I'm friends with than some people that you don't really know.

Actress With Nudity In Anyone But You (Charlee Fraser Nude!)

Fans of great, clear nudity, fear not. Anyone But You had to earn its warning for "brief graphic nudity" someone, and that sure isn't by including Glen Powell's butt. That's a PG-13 butt. The Australian model Charlee Fraser picks up the slack by getting naked on the beach! She's fully nude but we only see her breasts as her zorch remains strategically covered. Charlee has incredibly perky nipples and is gorgeous to boot. Fraser is just now breaking into acting after enjoying a very successful modeling career. Up next she will appear in Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga.

Sydney Sweeney's Best Nude Scenes

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