After months of hype, we finally have Sydney Sweeney's nudity in Anyone But You, and while the Sydney Sweeney topless scenes in Euphoria and The Voyeurs may never be bested, we're still loving what she delivers here. For years now romantic comedies have erred on the side of sexless, but Sweeney is here to correct course. As if we didn't already love this woman enough. We have written extensively about all of the hype leading up to this moment, so sit back and relax, if that's even possible.

Sydney Sweeney Nude In Shower Scene In Anyone But You (With Boobs!)

As suspected, Sweeney's nudity in Anyone But You can be found in her iconic shower scene with Glen Powell. The success of any romantic comedy hinges on the chemistry of the leads, and Glen and Sydney practically sizzle when they're together. He joins her in the shower, where he peels off her soaking wet dress to reveal Sweeney's famously huge breasts and a thong that has the pleasure of hugging her ass. This is the scene where we see her nips, and whether this is considered a nip slip or full-blown intentional nudity is up to you. We think a woman this well-versed in nudity knows damn well when her nips are out.

Sydney Sweeney's Butt During Anyone But You Sex Scene

The two head to the bed after their shower foreplay, and Glen Powell has the distinct pleasure of grabbing Sydney Sweeney's bare ass as they do it! We've got these moments and more for you in the gallery at the bottom of the page.

Celebrity Sex Scenes Rumored To Be Real

Sweeney and Powell aren't cooking with enough gas to get audiences speculating that their sex scene might be real, but maybe we'll get that footage with the new "The Valentine Encore" edition of the film hitting theaters. Four minutes of previously deleted footage is included in this XXXtra special version of the movie. Full-blown real sex? Sure, let's keep the dream alive. Until then, check out these celebrity sex scenes that were rumored to be real!

Best Sydney Sweeney Nude Pictures

And let's finish things off with a lovingly crafted gallery of Sydney Sweeney's finest bare moments!