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Trepalium (2016)

Brief Nudity

This futuristic miniseries, set in Paris and originally organized by TV France International, is a sci-fi take on the toils of work. It follows the city at the end of the 21st century, when 20 percent of the population lives inside the city (called Aquaville) walls working and the other 80 percent must live outside in an area called the Zone with no jobs. One of the women not lucky enough to be born into employment is Izia Kattel (played by Léonie Simaga). In an effort to quell an uprising, the government agrees to pick 10,000 zone inhabitants to bring into the city and employ, and Izia hopes to be one of them so she and her son can escape the horrors of life in poverty. But is a life spent alienated by a career any better? It's the question of the century, but at least it's accompanied by the hottie Léonie!

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Nude, butt Ep. 01x05 | 00:17:29 A nude Leonie is picked up by a dude and we get a brief glimpse of her glutes, slowed down thanks to the miracle of Skin Vision! (13 secs)


Léonie Simaga

Nude - as Izia Kattelbutt

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