The Top 10 Celebrity Nude Scenes Of 2016

Mr. Skin's The Best Nude Scenes of 2016 of Celebs

With another year of phenomenal celebrity nudity coming to a close, it's time to showcase the very best of the breast on Mr. Skin's Top 10 Scenes of 2016! Plenty of celebrities dared to bare during this skinsational year, but only the very hottest have made Mr. Skin's cut. Create a free signup below, and then get ready to raise your glass and pop your cork to all ten titillating scenes!

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#10: Michelle Derstine for Melissa Rauch in The Bronze

Skin's Take

Even though Melissa Rausch’s gymnastic comedy is called The Bronze, it gets the Gold Medal for the year’s best body double scene. The honors go to Michelle Derstine, who steps in for star Rausch to perform RACKrobatics in a hotel room while having podium-worthy sex with Sebastian Stan. Now that’s how you sticky the landing!

#9: Ashley Greene in Rogue

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2016 marks Twilight star Ashley Greene’s dong-awaited nude debut on Rogue, and oh what a debut it is! Get ready to Splash-ley when Ashley takes off her bra for a sex scene, baring some of the best breasts in the biz. My cable bill isn’t the only thing that’s going up!

#8: Eline Powell in Game of Thrones

Skin's Take

Powell, right in the kisser! We wish. There’s no shortage of boobage on Game of Thrones, but Eline Powell’s nude debut on season six really made an impression in our pants. While portraying Sansa Stark in a play, the stunning actress shows off a rack that you’ve G.O.T. to see to believe!

#7: Jodi Balfour in Quarry

Skin's Take

Don’t Quarry, be fappy! This year Jodi Balfour helped put the “skin” in Skinemax by flaunting fabulous T&A during a sex scene on Quarry. With an adorable face, tight body, hot ass, and perfect natural rack, Jodi is sure to make you grow-di!

#6: Vail Bloom in Too Late

Skin's Take

Casual nudity can be very hot, and none was hotter this year than Vail Bloom’s blasé, bottomless stroll about the house in a pair of heels. First she drops her dress to show us the full enchilada, boobs, buns, and bush, before putting back on… only her top. This Too Late will never be too little!

#5: Olivia Wilde in Vinyl

Skin's Take

Olivia Wilde is one of the most searched actresses here at Mr. Skin, and after seeing the year's fifth best nude scene, you'll understand why! On the short-lived HBO series Vinyl, Olivia stands nude in a surprisingly lengthy shot with only a merkin covering her grooved area! After playing this Vinyl, you're gonna need to clean off your needle!

#4: Riley Keough in The Girlfriend Experience

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Riley Keough—the real-life granddaughter of Elvis Presley—gets all shook up as a high priced escort on The Girlfriend Experience. Riley makes good on the show’s title by stripping nude in nearly every episode, in addition to touching herself, taking a load to the chest, and even lezzing out with Kate Lyn Sheil! You’ll be loving yourself tender!

#3: Yvonne Strahovski in Manhattan Night

Skin's Take

If Yvonne-t to see hot T&A from a beautiful blonde, you’re in luck! In the crime flick Manhattan Night, Yvonne Strahovski masturbates in the shower before stripping off her towel to get frisky with Adrien Brody. Manhattan Night will erect your own Empire State Building!

#2: Malin Åkerman + Kate Micucci in Easy

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The year’s most surprising lesbian scene earns the runner up spot on the list, and comes from the new Netflix dramedy series Easy. Hoping that a three way will spice up her marriage to Orlando Bloom, Malin Åkerman strips down to get handsy with equally nude cutie Kate Micucci! Not only do we get to revisit Malin’s mams but we see Kate’s Mic-boob-cci’s for the very first time, making this a scene to beat… off to!

#1: Orgy Scene in Westworld

Skin's Take

Our list concludes with the epic nudity on the HBO sci-fi series Westworld. In episode five, various extras who signed on for “genital to genital contact” deliver the best orgy scene in television history. The lavish, impeccably orchestrated shot features more boobs than you can shake your stick at, and will surely go down in Skinstory!

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