Mr. Skin's The Best Nude Scenes of 2015 of Celebs

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#10: Kristen Wiig in Welcome to Me

Skin's Take

SNL alum Kristen Wiig went big for her nude debut, stripping off all her clothes and walking nude through a casino in the dramedy Welcome to Me! Initially we thought she had gone full frontal, but she later admitted to having used a merkin, but we always love seeing Kristen, even when she's Wiig-ing out!

#9: Ruby Rose in Orange is the New Black

Skin's Take

The ravishing Ruby Rose is well known in Australia where she's a TV personality and model, but most of us got our first glimpse of Ruby when she turned up on Orange is the New Black. Showing off plenty of tatted up flesh in the shower, Ruby is the new black, and that will make you wanna whack!

#8: Chanel Iman in Dope

Skin's Take

Victoria's Secret model Chanel made one of the great nude debuts this year, going topless for nearly four minutes in the indie comedy hit Dope! While attempting to seduce the film's star Shameik Moore, cocoa beauty Chanel enchants us with her charming chesticles and be-thonged booty! Dope will have you slinging rope!

#7: Sarah Silverman in I Smile Back

Skin's Take

Funny lady Sarah Silverman got serious this year in the sex addiction drama I Smile Back. Not only does Sarah do blow off the back of a toilet before giving herself a breast exam, she also has anal sex and masturbates with her daughter's teddy bear. Seems like the only smile Sarah missed is of the vertical variety!

#6: Alicia Vikander in Ex Machina

Skin's Take

Swedish brunette Alicia Vikander became the toast of the town for her award worthy performances this year, but when she stripped down completely at the end of Ex Machina, showing off all three of her beautiful Bs, she became an instant Skin legend! Are they sure they didn't mean to call the film Sex Machina?

#5: Lena Headey / Rebecca Van Cleave in Game of Thrones

Skin's Take

CGI trickery put Lena's head on the body of lithe and lovely brunette Rebecca Van Cleave for Cersei Lannister's infamous Walk of Shame! It all adds up to one of the most intense, powerful, and strangely sexy scenes in this or any year. It may not be the show's best nude scene ever, but there's no SHAME in enjoying it anyway...

#4: Klara Kristin and Aomi Muyock in Love

Skin's Take

The French art house flick Love caused quite a scandal when it debuted at the Cannes Film Festival, and for good reason. The 3D film featured lots of real sex, including a 3D money shot, as well as this amazingly hot threesome with Klara Kristin and Aomi Muyock both of whom go fully nude! All 3Bs in all 3Ds? What's not to Love?

#3: Allison Williams in Girls

Skin's Take

In just a little over a month, Allison Williams went from Peter Pan to "Eat 'er Can" on the fourth season of Girls! The daughter of disgraced news anchor Brian Williams shocked the world when she let her on-screen beau eat her ass out on television, a touchstone moment that'll make you want to touch yourself!

#2: Madalina Diana Ghenea in Youth

Skin's Take

Sensationally stacked Romanian bombshell Madalina Diana Ghenea came out of nowhere with one of the best nude scenes of this or any year in Youth. Stripping fully nude before joining Michael Caine and Harvey Keitel in a pool, Madalina may just have you unleashing your own fountain of youth... in your pants!

#1: Dakota Johnson in Fifty Shades of Grey

Skin's Take

Dakota Johnson followed in mom Melanie Griffith's footsteps, going fully nude in her first big movie, and what a movie it was. Fifty Shades of Grey was one of those rare, sexually explicit blockbusters, with some amazing full nudity from Dakota! There's simply no denying that you too will love exploring Dakota's North and South!

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